O1.The development of skills and abilities to access a job abroad.

During project's activities (seminars) conducted by trainers from partner organizations in the project, the target group members will learn:

  • how to complete a European CV-to prepare a cover letter
  • to know the behavior and attire appropriate in a presentation to a job interview
  • to know the rights and obligations of employees and employers in the EU


O2.The knowledge of cultural differences in labor from Europe and nurturing the respect for cultural diversity

In the visits organized within the project, members of organizations involved will succeed:

  • to identify and understand differences in behavior at work, in different European countries
  • to know the rules of conduct in the report employer / employee
  • to understand and analyze performance management methods and techniques in the field of personnel
  • to learn from partners' experience and from examples of good practice method to boost employees, the organization of working time and increase work efficiency.


O3.Transfer knowledge to the target group will be possible through

  • Learning Seminars
  • Meetings with foreign partners
  • Development and distribution of materials


O4.Developing communication skills in English and the relationships in an intercultural environment.

This objective is addressed equally to members of project partner organizations and to members of the target groups. Its implementation will be possible through constant communication by mail between project team members and through project visits in the partner countries. For the members of target group the preparation of the employment documents will be realized also into English, if they want to do this.