Europeans on the intercultural labour market

The project aims to involve adults from different areas, employers and employees, staff from adults education organizations, in activities that can give them the possibility to know the labour culture and habits in Europe, through intercultural personal experience and integration in an international and multicultural environment. During the project, future employees would learn many things useful for a better European job (writing CV-s , intention letters, behavior in an interview for a work place, improve their English, learn about different labour habits in different European countries ). In the same time, employers will find during the project's, supports and good examples for to rise the productivity in their institutions and to give employees a more efficient and pleasant place of work. Members of organization involved in the project will be the intermediate for this transfer of knowledge, experience and good practices. In accord with their national reality each organization involved in the project will address their activities to a special target group: people that work (or want to work) abroad, migrants, organizations that work with people looking for a work place. These experiences will be shared within the project visits, on the web site and materialized in the final products. (materials for employers and employees, questionnaires, brochures etc )

The project will give participants the possibility to improve their communication in English as international language in the labour market, too.